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Fequently Asked Questions

What does "Buy Here Pay Here" mean?
It means that we, Ray Poyar Auto Sales, act as the bank. We are the ones financing the loan on the vehicle. When you purchase a vehicle, you will make payments to us.

How much money down does it take to get a vehicle?
We try to get around 1/3 down. So if a vehicle sells for $6,000, we try to get 1/3 or $2,000 down then make payments on the rest.

What is your typical monthly payment?
Usually the payments range between $200 and $300 per month depending on the price of the vehicle. The cheaper vehicles are $200 and the more expensive vehicles are $300 per month.

What is the least amount of money to get into a vehicle?
Usually around $500 will get you the cheapest thing we have. Please don't expect much as these are vehicles that sell for about $1500. Obviously, the more you have to put down the nicer the vehicle you can get.

Other than my down money, what else do you need to purchase a vehicle?
With your down money, you would need a full coverage insurance policy, a valid driver's license and for those people that live farther away we would need proof of residence and a check stub.

Are you negotiable on your downs, monthly payments, or prices of vehicles?
Everything is negotiable. I'm in business to sell vehicles. It would be silly on my part to be so rigid as not to bend. That being said, because I am not backed by some large financial firm, I have to make good business decisions. For example, if you were to pay cash for a vehicle, then I would have more flexibility to negotiate the price. If it's on a buy-here-pay-here where you are putting minimal down, then that ties my hands on negotiating the price.

What if I don't have 1/3 to put down but I make good money?
Let's say you have your eye on a $6,000 vehicle. Normally we would try to get $2,000 down and your monthly payment would be $300. Lets say you only have $1,500. What I try to do is one of two things. Maybe we could get you to make a $500 pick-up payment. That is where you pay $500 in a lump sum down the road. The second option is to increase your monthly payment. In the previous case where you put $1,500 down on a vehicle that costs $6,000, we could increase your monthly payments to $350. We try to work with your situation.

What type of warranty do you offer?
We put a 30 day or 1,000 mile (whichever comes first) 50/50 warranty on our vehicles. That means in that time period we cover 50% of the total cost (parts and labor).

If I purchase a vehicle and it brakes down within 1 day what will you do?
You fall into our 30 day, 1000 mile 50/50 warranty.

What about after the warranty?
After the warranty, you can still bring your vehicle back and we can service it. We have 3 full time mechanics that work from 8am - 5pm Monday through Friday. Our prices are as good or if not better than most all the dealers around town.

Do you offer extended warranties?
Right now we don't. Reason being is most of those warranties do not cover the items that go wrong. Then you're paying for something that's not helping you.

Do you service the vehicles before you sell them?
What we do is bring the vehicles into service and do a road-and-safety on it. We check the brakes, front-end parts, fluids, etc. We try to go over the car and check most of its components. After the Road and Safety, we drive the vehicle to verify the soundness of the vehicle. I will tell you that as good as we are sometimes things are NOT caught. I would recommend that you look the vehicle over thoroughly before purchasing just so you are comfortable. I try to be as honest about the vehicles as I can. Anything that is wrong with the vehicle after the purchase falls into the 50/50 warranty.

What is your lay-away program?
Let's say you're out car shopping and you find the dream vehicle on our lot but you don't have the total money you needed for your down. What you can do is put some money on the vehicle and we will hold the vehicle for you until you have your down money.

How long do you hold a vehicle on lay-away?
When doing the lay-away, we hold vehicles for about 1 month. If you want to continue to bring in money every week or every other week, then we can hold the vehicle longer.

If I find a vehicle somewhere else, would you buy it then do the buy-here-pay-here on it?
No. We only finance the vehicles that we have.

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